Voice Solution

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Now, simplify your voice and data communication network by subscribing to Tata Indicom eCentrex solution. eCentrex serves the dual purpose of a phone as well as an extension, with direct outward and inward dialing. Enjoy the group calling benefits & bundled internet on Tata Indicom eCentrex solution.

eCentrex Benefits

  • Savings on Capital Expenditure – eCentrex is a virtual EPABX hosted at Tata Indicom 24X7 network operating center with built in 'Intercom' facilities.
  • Savings on Operational Expenditure – With no EPABX at your apartment there are no AMCs, electric power bills and battery expenses payable. Tata Indicom maintains the eCentrex solution at your apartment.
  • Single Intercom Solution - Connect all the flats,club,security area within your apartment with Tata Indicom eCentrex with extension to extension calling enabled through last 4 digits.


In the ever changing world of business, a systematic structuring of operations has become essential. Although multiple options are available for connectivity, enterprises prefer flexible and cost effective networks that can expand their reach.

Tata Indicom introduces India’s first managed PBX in association with LG Nortel amongst private fixed line operators. The two world class products LG Nortel PBX system & Tata Indicom digital PRI’s offered through this comprehensive alliance is designed to address the key concerns that enterprises face when sourcing for an appropriate telephony solution – providing business a cost effective , all in one option that can be easily implemented & readily managed to ensure the performance of your organizations critical communications.

It’s a scalable solution & offers an attractive utility based option as well as other options to meet the varying current & future needs of the enterprise.

Voice and IP convergence for future proof communication platform

LG Nortel's Aria advanced digital communications architecture merged with the latest in VoIP technology and advanced business applications offers an unparalleled solution to your ever evolving business needs.