About Us

IT System administrator Solutions main motive is providing High Tech Solutions in Microsoft, Unix Messaging, Backup & Virtualization. We are specialized in Microsoft AD and Exchange Migration process, Cluster in Server & Database. Our main aim is providing best quality service with assured uptime at competitive cost.

IT System administrator Solutions next goal is provides hosting @ cost effective hosting on internet. There are three hosting plans Business, Corporate & Enterprise to the industry need based on Customer need.

We do consultation to provide the equal solutions with OPEN SOURCE product comparatively licensed product. We can suite the challenge with OPEN SOURCE at various segment of Organization.

Our main part of the business understands existing and new office environment to provide the right solution with industry various products with CISCO, JUNIPER and Etc.., and also provide end to end solutions.

In fact, we work “everything is possible” and we do at IT System administrator Solution has a long-term view in mind with the customer planning for perfect IT Infrastructure.

And especially, our employees! We believe that we must make the best plan on investment on our human resources so that we could provide the best support to our customers.

Feel free any suggestion for services or features which are not available at the moment, mail us to improve our best service. We value our customers!!!!!!!